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Overprotective #730

Harry: Because you're his girl, and it’s his job to protect you. Everything about him screams protective when he’s with you. The way he’s more alert, the way his arm is wrapped around your waist and keeping you at close proximity. “Do you ever feel like you protect her too much?” Niall asks as you sleep on Harry’s lap. Long, tan fingers run through your hair then down your back. “There’s no such thing as too much protection.” Harry admits giving Niall a short grin before turning his attention back to you.
Liam: It’s when the fans get to close, the paparazzi are too loud and the room is too crowded. Liam’s hand locks onto yours, fingers lacing together securing him to you. Bodyguards block out most of the people, but the screams and camera flashes still get to you. “It’s alright, yeah? Just don’t pay attention to them. I know it’s hard.” It’s the same speech he gives you each time in these crowds, and with Liam at your side and his soothing words you make it through just fine.
Louis: You’re beautiful, and there is no doubt about it. Louis knows just how gorgeous you are which just leads him to be a bit more protective while you’re around other men. Clubbing brings the most problems, while having fun with the boys a random man may decide to come up and flirt with you causing Louis to go red. He cannot stand for someone to flirt with you. His vision goes red, heartbeat pounding in his ears before he sneers out a remark to the disgusting man. Once he walks away Louis pulls you into a heated kiss. “You’re mine.” He growls dunkinly.
Niall: He can’t help it. The thought of losing you drives him crazy whenever it slips into his mind. You’re the best thing to happen to him, well, other than the X Factor but let’s not get to in depth. He spoils you and keeps you under a close eye, your hands locking whenever he see’s a large crowd following or a man whose gaze lingers a bit to long. Niall’s careful with you because “If something happened to my princess... I really don’t know what I would do. I could never forgive myself.”
Zayn: Eyes. Only his eyes are allowed on certain parts of your body so of course when you’re downtown walking through town and a man gives you a good look up and down Zayn get’s pissed. His arm wraps tighter around your waist, eyes burning a hole straight through the man. He clears his throat because if that didn’t get his attention Zayn had no problem giving him a firm punch in the jaw. He’s done it before. Luckily the man looks away causing Zayn to ease up and kiss your lips. “I’m proud of you.” You chuckle kissing his lips “Thank you, I tried.” He shrugs.
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