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“Sleep with me?” #608

Harry: His tone is so exhausted, his hair messy and clung to his forehead. It'd been such a long day and he just wanted someone to cuddle. “Sure, come on Hazza, move over.” With eyes closed he moves over just enough for you to slide into the small tour bus-bunk.
Liam: “Sleep with me?” His eyes are light and lips pulled into a tired smile, he's been your best friend for years sleeping together wouldn't do any harm, right? “Alright, Li.” He smiles before laying down in bed and opening his arms for you. “Goodnight, [y/n]. Sleep tight.”
Louis: His eyes show no hint of cheekyness, just a sincere need of you and your body against his. You take your spot in bed before curling up closer to him. “I love you.” He whispers giving your cheek a final kiss before falling limp at your side. “I love you too, Lou.”
Niall: “Of course, Ni.” By the time you finish your sentence, he's already in bed with his arms open awaiting your embrace. “Eager.” You mumble with a smile laying down beside him letting his arms move and wrap you in closer. “Just love you.” You smile bigger “I love you too.”
Zayn: “Please?” He whispers giving you his best puppy-dog eyes, “You don't even have to ask.” You tell him before plopping down in the bed beside him. His arms instinctively pull you closer and little kisses litter your neck and shoulder. “Goodnight,” “Goodnight, Zayn.”
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