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Your child is afraid of the dark #607

Harry: “Daddy....” Your daughter whines from her bed hoping her father or you will hear her. Harry does as soon as she starts to cry and rushes to her room clicking on the small light near her bed. “What is it, babe?” “The dark is scary.” She mumbles scurrying up into her father's lap. Harry smiles rubbing her back softly, “How about, you come sleep with me and mommy for the night and I'll protect you from the dark.” “Okay Daddy!” And with that, your husband carries the little girl back into your bedroom.
Liam: Your four year old baby boy has suddenly developed a fear of the dark, so you and Liam decide to give him a nightlight. “But big boys don't use nightlights.” He accuses folding his arms over his chest. “Big boys do actually use nightlights,” Liam states bending down to plug in the Dinosaur shaped light into the socket “Uncle Harry still uses a nightlight.” You giggle from the doorway but quickly bite your lip. “Really?” “Yup! Go on, get under the blankets, this should help you.” When the lights click off the room is still dimly lit enough for your son to feel comfortable. “Thank you Mommy, Thank you Daddy.”
Louis: “Baby, you can't keep sleeping with Mommy and Me.” Louis whispers to your little girl rubbing her back gently as she sits up in her bed. “But daddy, it's to dark in my room.” Louis gives her a smile before holding up a finger signaling her to wait a moment, when he returns back in the room he's holding a small light. “What's that?” “This,” He starts “is a nightlight, it makes your room a bit light when it's really dark.” When he plugs it in, the room is lit in a pink haze causing your daughter to giggle. “Pretty!” “Mhm, now. Think you can sleep now?” She smiles before nodding her head. “Night Night Daddy, Love you!” She calls as Louis walks out of the room “love you to, princess.”
Niall: “But Daddy,” Your son whines rubbing his eyes with his fist. “I promise there was a monster in the dark, really!” “Want me to go look?” Niall asks sitting up in bed rubbing his eyes. “No Daddy! The monster will eat you..... Can I sleep with you and Mommy tonight? Then tomorrow we can kill the monsters?” He smiles down at his little brunette boy before nodding his head. “Of course you can.” After getting you to scoot over, he makes enough room for his son to fit then covers you all back up. “Thank you, Daddy.” Niall kisses his temple before nodding his head. “Goodnight, Love you.” “I love you too daddy.”
Zayn: “Uh Oh.” Your daughter mumbles once waking up in the middle of the night, she'd fallen asleep before it was to dark so Zayn forgot to plug in her nightlight. “Dad..... Hey Daddy...... Mom? Hello....... Why are you ignoring me? Is it cuz it's late? Dad..... DADDY.” She yells and not long after Zayn mopes into the room with a small smile on his face. “Yes, Dear?” “Well Daddy,” She starts pushing her hair back “You forgot to plug in my princess nightlight..... and I didn't even get my nighttime hug and kiss.” Zayn plugs in the nightlight then leans down kissing and hugging his daughter. “Go back to sleep, love. I love you, goodnight.” “Night, Daddy!”
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