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“How long have you been together?” #533

Harry: “We've been together for almost a three years now,” He admits with a smile bringing his hands together then smiling down at them. “Yeah?” “Mhm, best three years of m'life.” Harry tells with a smile.
Liam: Quickly, his cheeks flush pink and his brown eyes go warm. “Four Years!” The interviewer smiles before crossing arms and legs, “And how have those four years been treating you?” Liam raises his eyebrow “The years haven't done anything for me, it's [y/n], She's been great!”
Louis: The boys all wolf-whistle, like they always when someone asks about you causing Louis to smack them all upside the head, “Me and [y/n] have been together almost two years now.” “Yes, Yes,” Harry mutters shaking his head “for two years I've heard the two fuc--” Louis' small tan hand is covering Harry's mouth in an instant.
Niall: “Uh It's been about 8 months know,” The blonde drawls with a smile pushing his fingers through his hair turning it almost completely brunette. “And you live together, yes?” Niall just nods his head “Hows that?” “Well,” he chuckles before shaking his head “It's good it's good shes just not a morning person yaknow?”
Zayn: “Ah she's going to kill me cuz I can't remember exactly.” He mumbles from behind his hands. “So you don't know how long....” “No! No I do it's just we've been together for 4 years and like 5 months.....” Laughing the interviewer nods his head. “Do you like being with her?” Zayn raises his eyebrows before chuckling “Nah, not at all.” The boys all snicker behind him before patting Zayn's head and shoulders.
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